Cabinetry:    A Soft cloth dampened with warm water is usually sufficient to clean your cabinet doors. Fingerprints and cooking fumes that accumulate on the finished surface can be removed with mild detergent solution. Care should be take when removing dust buildup to ensure that the tiny particles don't scratch or dull the surface. Be sure to dry residual moisture thoroughly with another soft, dry cloth. Avoid the use of cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach or silicone, as well as corrosive or abrasive products. Waxes and polishes should also be avoided, as well as any solvent based products. If your oven has a self-clean feature it is recommended that you open the doors and drawers in close proximity, since the heat generated during this process is much higher than normal cooking temperatures. Toasters, kettles and coffee pots should also be moved away from your cabinetry when in use. Although the cabinet finish is durable and resistant, be sure to clean up spills and splatters promptly to avoid potential discoloration and damage depending on the nature of the contaminate. It is the general nature of wood to darken over time, and excessive prolonged exposure to sunlight can accelerate that process. Drapes or blinds are recommended. High temperatures and high humidity can damage the finish and wood itself, and should be avoided. Following these simple steps will keep your cabinetry looking like new for many years. Wood products, stains and lacquers will vary in color, shading and grain. These are not defects, but part of the natural beauty, character and nature of the products and techniques used.


Counters:    Follow the guidelines provided by the fabricator of your particular countertop material for use and care information.

Notes:     Adjust the height of your range to sit above the height of your countertop, so the heat generated doesn't damage the counter. Do not overload your drawers and/or rollout shelves. We use Blum hardware, which is the best quality product on the market, but the weight tolerances specified must be followed. Standard full extension soft close drawers track is rated to 40 kg, and heavy duty slides are rated at 60 kg.